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World Diabetes Day is November 14th

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM).  November 14, 2021 celebrated the 100th anniversary of the revolutionary and lifesaving discovery of insulin.

November 14th celebrates Sir Frederick Banting who was a Canadian medical scientist who co-discovered insulin.

The symbol for World Diabetes Day is a blue circle signifying the sky and the circle is the symbol for unity.

Diabetes Grey Bruce celebrates NDAM by increasing awareness about diabetes at Grey Bruce Health Services and in the community.  We are a team of Certified Diabetes Educators RN’s, RD’s, NP and Endrocrinologist who provide one on one, inpatient and group services to help with diabetes education and self-management.  Stephanie Methner one of the Brescia Dietetic Interns developed a timeline of how diabetes nutrition recommendations have changed over the years from 1914 to present day, it is a very interesting read, please see below…

Click HERE for Diets and Diabetes over the Decades

Click HERE for more information about Diabetes Awareness Month visit the link below…


Learn more about ‘Diabetes and Heart Disease’ by watching these short informative videos.  Heart disease remains the number one complication for those with diabetes, and we hope these videos motivate you to take an active interest in your diabetes treatment, especially where heart health is concerned.  Do the Heart Protection Self-Assessment Tool from Diabetes Canada and speak to your diabetes team about the right medications, dietary changes, and lifestyle steps you can take to prevent heart disease.

Take Diabetes to Heart: Linking Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

Heart Disease and Diabetes

Risk Factors for Heart Disease: Diabetes

Love Your Heart: Everyday Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy and Strong

Heart Protection Self-Assessment Tool