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Webcast from Diabetes & Heart Health May 30’18 –
http://webcast diabetes and heart health may 30 18

Webcast from Finding Balance Mar 8 ’17 –
http://webcast finding balance mar 8 17

Webcast from Foot Care & Diabetes Sept. 25 ’17 –
http://webcast foot care and diabetes sept 25 17

World Diabetes Day Summary from Nov. 14, 17 (no webcast available):
Are You Tired of Being Tired Summary

We have something for everyone!

Whether you are interested in group fitness and social opportunities, meal planning, or building on your knowledge of diabetes and treatment options, we can help! We work with your local community partners and employers to deliver fun and educational events with our Certified Diabetic Educators. Have an idea for an event or class? Let us know! We bet you’re not the only one with questions.

If you are interested in signing up for a workshop please
call 519-376-2121 ext 2876.