Is there a cost for Diabetes Education?

If you are covered under OHIP there is no cost for this service.  For people without OHIP, there will be a fee for appointments.

Do I need a doctor's referral to see a Diabetes Educator?

No.  You can refer yourself or a family member.  To make an appointment, contact us at the Owen Sound Site of GBHS at 519-376-2121 ext. 2876 or access the Contact Us section of this website.

I am a health care professional - how do I refer to Diabetes Grey Bruce?
  • If you are a health care professional, you can access our referral form in the Contact Us section of this website.
  • If you are referring a patient with Type 1 diabetes regarding use of an Insulin Pump, please indicate this on the referral form.  Please also refer separately to the Endocrinologist or pediatrician.
How long will it take to get an appointment?
  • Appointments for new diagnoses are generally scheduled within 2-4 weeks.  Children with diabetes and pregnant women with diabetes meet with Diabetes Educators sooner.
  • Endocrinologist consults may take 6-12 months.  A Diabetes Educator will support you as you wait for this appointment.
  • Women who are pregnant with Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational Diabetes will see the Endocrinologist within 1-2 weeks.
Can I just drop in or do I need an appointment?

Diabetes Educators do not offer drop in hours. They are scheduled with appointments the majority of the day and all sites are not staffed 5 days a week. Because of this, we ask that you schedule an appointment.

I cannot get time off of work, can I get an appointment outside of regular business hours?
  • We offer some extended hours and will try to book you an appointment that works with your schedule.  We may also be able to offer you a virtual or telephone appointment.
  • Pediatric and Endocrinology clinics are held between the hours of 0830 am and 3:30 pm.
What can I expect when I first meet with a Diabetes Educator?
  • A Diabetes Educator asks questions to learn about how you currently manage your diabetes.  They want to meet your learning needs and answer your questions.
  • At most visits the following will be discussed:
    • Diabetes medications,
    • Monitoring blood sugars,
    • Healthy eating,
    • Being active,
    • Problem solving,
    • Healthy coping,
    • Reducing risks.
  • Diabetes Educators help you to set goals so that you can manage your diabetes and stay well.
  • After each appointment, the Diabetes Educator sends a visit summary to your primary care provider.  This includes any recommendations they have about your treatment plan.
Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?
  • Food records, a log book, blood glucose meter, a list of your current medications and any questions you have are helpful to bring to your appointment.
Can I bring a friend or family member with me to my appointment?

Yes. It is important that you have the support from the people who are important in your life. Your friend or family member is welcome to attend.

What is a “Certified Diabetes Educator” or CDE?

A Certified Diabetes Educator is a health professional who has completed additional training in diabetes education and management and who has passed the Canadian Diabetes Educator’s Certification Board (CDECB) exam. To access the CDECB, click HERE. Once certified, the educator must maintain their skill level through ongoing learning and training.  Our CDEs are registered dietitians (RD), registered nurses (RN) and a nurse practitioner (NP).

What happens if I don’t have a family doctor, can a Diabetes Educator write prescriptions for medication?
  • Nurses and dietitians cannot write prescriptions.
  • Diabetes Grey Bruce has a Nurse Practitioner working with the program.  The NP can see people living with diabetes who do not have a family doctor. 
  • They can review your health status and prescribe medications and tests related to your diabetes while you wait to be connected with a family doctor.  
  • They will also connect you with health care providers if you have health care needs beyond their scope of practice.
Can a Diabetes Educator provide me with diabetes supplies?Your Title Goes Here
  • A Diabetes Educator can assist you to access supplies in an emergency situation.
  • Diabetes Grey Bruce has a Social Worker who can help you find out more about different health programs for funding, including medication coverage.
Can I call or email a Diabetes Educator with questions?
  • Yes, you can call or email a Diabetes Educator with questions and can expect a reply within 2-3 business days.
  • For urgent matters, please contact your family physician or emergency department.
  • If you have an urgent insulin pump need, you are encouraged to contact the pump company directly.
  • Email is not a secure form of communication.
How is an apppointment with a Diabetes Educator different from a diabetes visit with my family doctor?

Diabetes Educators discuss the day to day management of your diabetes, help you to set health related goals and support you to attain these goals. Your family doctor’s main focus is the medical management of your diabetes.

How is an appointment with a Diabetes Educator at Diabetes Grey Bruce different from a visit with a Diabetes Educator at the Family Health Team?

The Diabetes Educator at the Family Health Team will likely focus on many of the same topics as the Diabetes Educator at Diabetes Grey Bruce. If you are already working with a Diabetes Educator, you may not need additonal services from Diabetes Grey Bruce.