Bob is a senior who has learned to cope with Type 2 diabetes

I was in the hospital after my heart attack when the doctor told me I had diabetes. I could not believe it, I thought the heart attack had caused my diabetes. It was only after talking with my diabetes nurse that I realized I probably had diabetes for several years but I was ignoring it. I remember my doctor telling me I had a “touch of sugar” and to watch my diet, but I was busy and I certainly wasn’t going to give up my morning coffee and donut with the guys from where I used to work.

Bob made some immediate changes

I saw the dietitian in the hospital and she gave me some great advice on how to change what I was eating. Not big changes, small ones like using sweetner in my coffee and treating myself to a donut once a week instead of every day.

It wasn’t easy but Bob has learned to live with Diabetes

I have finished my cardiac rehab classes and my ticker is strong. I see my diabetes team every three months and they keep an eye on my sugars. My wife comes along and asks all sorts of questions about what she should be cooking for me. I am on a couple of pills for my sugar and I have cut down on my sweets and my diabetes is under control. The diabetes nurse has told me that sometime in the future I may need to take insulin because my body won’t produce enough insulin as I get older. I still don’t like poking my finger to test my blood, but for now my diabetes is under control and I still get my coffee and sometimes even a donut.