Just 25 years old and recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes

My name is Luke and I am 25 years old, recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Two years ago I suddenly became sick; I thought it was the flu. By the next day I was not feeling better, could not keep anything down and was becoming very dehydrated so I went to the emergency. I felt really scared because I didn’t know why I was so sick, they told me my blood sugar was 38mmol/L which didn’t mean much to me at the time but the doctor mentioned that it was very high and that I have diabetes. I spent a few days in ICU where I met a diabetes educator and a diabetes specialist who talked to me about how I have Type 1 diabetes and that I would need to start insulin right away. I felt very overwhelmed with all of the information but I was glad to be feeling better.

I am starting to understand my diabetes and accept the changes that I had to make. Some days it’s hard to test blood sugars and give insulin four times a day because it gets in the way of what I want to do. I started to look for diabetes blogs online to try to connect with other people like me; I realize I am not alone.