Hi, my name is Paige.

I am 14 years old and I am diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes

I have been living with Type 1 diabetes for close to six years. When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes it was tragic. It was a struggle but my parents were so amazingly supportive. My father has Type 1 diabetes too so at least we had some experience on what to do. It was a struggle at first, watching what I ate and when. I had to eat certain foods to keep my counts maintained and I had to eat at certain times. Having four needles a day was the absolute worst! I would have to have a needle while eating breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and before I went to bed. My mom would have to leave work at lunch just to come give me a needle and leave. I thought I had a hard time, but I try to imagine how my parents felt.

Paige is now a pumper!

The next year on August 27th 2010, I got a Medtronic Pump. I could say it changed my life forever; although being diagnosed with diabetes changed my life. I never knew that such a small thing like a pump could make such a big difference.

It didn’t take me very long to get used to the pump, although there were some cons there were so many pros about having a pump.

Starting with the cons, I had a square shaped electronic device on my side 24/7, it was hard at first to sleep because you don’t want it hurting you; but it’s not like it’s not moveable. Then moving onto getting dressed; before I got into a routine I made my mom hold it while I put my pants on (I was young then) but then I gave myself a routine by just clipping it to my shirt. Then there was going swimming, whenever I go swimming or to the beach I have to make sure that I have a cap with me (clear tiny item you put where your pump disconnects). There’s also the worry of getting your string (clear tube which insulin goes from your pump to you) caught on; 1. Yourself 2. Someone else 3. A door knob 4. A Drawer, etc.

Now, the pros; I could eat whatever and whenever I wanted, my mom wouldn’t have to leave work at lunch, reduce wide fluctuations of blood sugars, precise insulin delivery, predictable insulin delivery, an increased flexibility lifestyle, and you only need a needle every other day. My favourite part about having a pump is not having to need four needles a day. What kid wants four needles a day? As a kid I was terrified of needles; I hated them, finding out I needed four needles a day was horrible. Until one day my dad talked to me about getting a pump, I got to choose the colour (I chose pink). A pump really showed me that I could have a semi normal life.

For all the people around the world saying that they don’t want a pump or they’re scared to get one or they don’t know much about them; talk to someone, research them, because four words to describe an insulin pump is… Could not live without.

Ever since I got my pump I have had so much freedom (responsibly), I can now hangout with my friends without my mom or dad worrying because I take sugar with me everywhere I go if I need it . An insulin pump has taught me responsibilities with my own life.

I strongly recommend an insulin pump to everyone living with diabetes.

Don’t let diabetes control your life!